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New users


Widget "new users" provide a functions to display newest registered users on website in a special block in main template layout structure.

This widget allows to display information about newest users in block style, where exist information about user nickname, avatar, profile link and registration date.

This widget is available as standalone archive and composer package. To install widget "new users" via composer, in root website directory in console type and execute:

composer require phpffcms/widget-newuser 1.0.*@stable

or add in file composer.json in section "require: {}":

"phpffcms/widget-newuser": "1.0.*@stable"

and execute in console:

composer update phpffcms/widget-newuser

If you are not using composer please download standalone archive from this page and extract it in website root directory.

After connect to repository via composer or extracting standalone archive go to the website admin panel -> All widgets -> Install ... -> type in field "System name" = Newuser -> push "Try install"

After successful installation of widget in admin panel - enable it and use in front templates as (ex. in layout/main.php your template):

<?php if (\Extend\Core\Arch\FrontWidget::enabled('Widgets\Front\Newuser\Newuser')): ?>
    <?= Widgets\Front\Newuser\Newuser::widget(); ?>
<?php endif; ?>
VersionCompatableRelease dateDownload
1.0.0composer20.11.2016Download 1.0.0