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Weather - openweathermap


Weather app openweathermap  provide a function features to display on the website weather foreacst for unlimited count of cities and regions, using api. This app contains user and administrator interfaces. 

The user interface make posible to display short weather forecast for cities list, weather on map and long-term extended weather forecast (5 days) for each one city. Administrator interface allow to configure app and add or change city list for which weather forecast should be shown. 

Weather app got a considered structure and powerful caching alghorithm: openweathermap api responses are cached in local database and repeat only once at hour. 

This app can be installed as a standalone version or composer package. To install weather openweathermap app using composer in root directory of project you shoud use console command:

composer hpffcms/ffcms-weather 1.0.*@stable

or add in file composer.json into section require: {}:

phpffcms/ffcms-weather: 1.0.*@stable 

and execute:

composer update phpffcms/ffcms-weather 

If you doesn't use composer you can download standalone package and extract it into root directory. After composer repository processed or standalone package extracted you should follow to admin panel -> applications -> ... Install -> set System name = Weather -> and push install. Now you can access to installed application front as site.domain/weather/

VersionCompatableRelease dateDownload
1.0.0composer23.06.2017Download 1.0.0