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Simple forum


Simple forum - web application for ffcms 3 that provide features to communicate website users between themself as a board line. This application follow classic "table forum" conception.

This application have user and admin part.

User interface provide:

  1. View forum tree, threads and posts
  2. Create new threads
  3. Add new posts to existing threads
  4. Track forum activity in special "latest messages" line
  5. Get notifications about new post in own threads

Admin interface provide:

  1. Make global forum configuration (threads/posts per page count, delay between 2 messages and etc)
  2. Create, edit and delete categories
  3. Create, edit and delete forums and nested forums

This application is available as standalone archive and as composer package.To install "simple forum" via composer you should go to website root directory in console and type

composer require phpffcms/ffcms-forum 1.0.*@stable

or open composer.json file and add to section "require: {}":

"phpffcms/ffcms-forum": "1.0.*@stable"

and run:

composer update

If you not use composer you should download from this page archive with latest version and extract it in website root directory.

After composer or archive download you should follow to admin panel -> Applications -> Install ... -> set system name = Forum -> press "Try install". Congratulations! Forum app is installed and available on site.domain/forum/

VersionCompatableRelease dateDownload
1.0.4composer21.08.2017Download 1.0.4
1.0.3composer21.06.2017Download 1.0.3
1.0.2composer15.01.2017Download 1.0.2
1.0.1composer05.01.2017Download 1.0.1
1.0.0composer06.11.2016Download 1.0.0