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FFCMS update - 3.0.1

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Poster for: ffcms update - 3.0.1

Today, 28.05.2017 the new update of ffcms - 3.0.1 was published. This update provide many functional and visual fixes and code improvement. Many bugs, find out from 3.0.0 release was fixed in this update. 

Fixes touches visual interface bugs and interactions methods between user and website. Also some code issues leads to visual bugs was fixed. Besides main distributive update there was 2 updates of ffcms core with code issues fix and performance improvement. Full list of changes are available below. 


Core changelog (ffcms-core):

  • Fix recursive configuration files write method
  • Add new feature into helper Navbar - rewrite brand element
  • Fix method toDate() in helper Date. Some issues happends when date are passed as object with __toString magic
  • Fix address encoding issue in helper Url on link build process with symbol "/"
  • Add new filter "notequal" for model logic rules()
  • Added new feature to make permament redirect (301 redirect) in router rules
  • Package "searchable" for eloquent orm is merged to actual version

Main distributive changelog (ffcms):

  • Fix issue display text
  • Fix content display if category is not defined
  • Fix headers in rss/xml line
  • Performance improvement in process of search similar articles
  • Fix cache bug in similar item search (cache index was definad incorrect and update every query that makes cache logic not work)
  • Fix migrations database incompatability with some database engine (definition of nullable and default values of columns)
  • Add "important" feature for content items. This feature allow to display some content item stacked on first category listing position
  • Optimization of javascript code in front user interface
  • Rework ajax search
  • Add new feature - user group display in profile
  • Add new feature - show different user nickname color depend on hem group
  • Fix compatability with mysql >= 5.7, pgsql on execution query to show user personal messages
  • Add sound beep on new user notification
  • Fix gcaptcha issue in recovery password form

Update are public and available under git & composer or from website admin panel.


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