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Stable FFCMS release - 3.0.0

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Finally, today 16.01.2017 we are ready to publish the first stable version of 3rd branch of FFCMS - 3.0.0. Since first candidate release we make many changes to improve system stability by bug fixing, introduce new functions and improve code quality.

Except code quality, refactoring and ui fixes we are introduce new acceptance and unit testing system - codeception. To check system performance and stability was written many tests - they test UI performance and code stability.

Prepare to release FFCMS 3.0.0

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Today, 19 october 2016 we are glad to present you the new branch of content management system - FFCMS 3.0.0 RC (release candidate). This is a final pre-release version and before stable release is out there is no major changes in source and functions will be involved.

Furthermore is important to note that the core and distributive source code will not be involve the major changes before 4.0.0 branch is realise. From now, all changes in 3.* branch will be directed to bufix and functional improvement.

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