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About FFCMS 3

FFCMS - fast, flexibility content management system. Like most other popular cms, ffcms expose few interaction interfaces: admin, user, install and console. Besides, system have two additional technical interfaces: api and cron. Now you can see the basic ffcms interfaces after clear installaction(1 - admin interface, 2 - user interface, 3 - installer interface, 4 - console):

1. Basic changes in new version - FFCMS 3

Third version of FFCMS was started to develop in active stage of development 2.0 version. The main point of development 3rd version is make full refactoring of system architecture: introduce MVC logic, OOP standards and modern developer tool's (such as composer, git, bower and etc) and other more. Besides, the major point of development is still save greater performance, flexibility scaling of functional features.

Based on this goals the source code of 3rd version ffcms was written from scratch and many basic features now realised under popular third-party php packages. For example all network requests and responses now processed by abstraction on top of symfony http-foundation package; working with database is realised by laravel eloquent library with ActiveRecords support. Usage of popular php packages allow us to simplify development system and avoid misstakes and issues.

Besides usage of MVC pattern, psr instructions and psr-0 autoload standard the source code of ffcms was splitted into few basic union packages:

  1. ffcms-core: system core package with pack of arcitecture and native features for building apps and widgets
  2. ffcms-console: system micro-core to work with command line and console applications
  3. ffcms (sym. ffcms-dist): the main distributive which allows to deploy the complete ffcms system with pack of apps and widgets

Also ffcms include many other packages, that could be a standalone or union with some limited functional features, such as: ffcms-ckeditor, ffcms-elfinder, searchable, languauge-flags.

2. FFCMS 3 performance

In despite of basic substantial changes in architecture and source code ffcms, the working speed and performance still save in greater level and almost have no difference between previous version. Here you can look up to the comparsion of popular cms systems with ffcms 3 on benchmark stand with php 7.0 + opcache, mysql 5.5, nginx/apache2:

CMS Loading, sec Memory, Mb Dist. size, Mb
Bitrix 16.0.11 standard 0,093 11,3 420
Wordpress 4.6 0,077 13,7 28
FFCMS 3.0.0 0,063 6,26 44
InstantCMS 2.5.1 0,064 3,6 24
Joomla 3.6.2 0,087 6,9 45
UMI.CMS 14 0,15 6,8 114
ModX 2.5.1 0,022 3,21 44

* It should be noted that all systems performed well on php 7.0 + opcache, but some systems (ex. UMI) got more wide functional features other than, some (ex. wordpress) have no basic caching system after installation, some other (ex. modx) have a little one features "from the box" and got greater load time (time to first byte in loading).

3. Responsive design

All default ffcms templates, also administrative template builded with support of grid CSS-framework bootstrap - your website will look good on all devices, such as classic PC, tabblet or mobile phone.

For now, responsive design still be a stable trend in latest 5 years - most part of newest users use different kind of devies, such as mobile phone, tablets, laptops and etc instead of classic pc's. The bootstrap grid allow make an adaptive layout's of your design for many devices with different screen resolution.

4. Fast extensibility

As noted earlier, ffcms 3 follow the union development standard: all entities are splitted to controller, model and view. This feature allows for many developers, who know the MVC paradigm or got practice on popular frameworks(yii 2, laravel 5, symfony 2, kohana 3 and etc) start faster to develop extensions for ffcms using public documentation.

All applications and widgets can be uploaded and installed in ffcms as local or using composer with preloading standard psr-0, which allows to make local development faster or allow controll versions of packages in production.

5. Internalization and SEO-friendly

In basic ffcms 3 package always included the extended internalization system and search engines optimization. You can create the website with support of multiple languages, which will be taken in all standard widgets and applications.

All standard extensions contains flexible system to manage meta data and algorithm of generating human-friendly URL's. Moreover, ffcms contains algorithm of extended routing system, wich allow you to build your own friendly URI scheme for people and search crawlers.

6. Simple templating

Such as in previous version, ffcms support the dynamic templating system for fast switch of using termplate. You can use the default template or some custom, developed by our community or develop your own template.

Templates in ffcms 3'rd version builded on top of classic php syntax and unlike in previous version(2nd) this will reduce the required level of knowladge to develop your own templates and modify exist templates.

7. Open source distribution

Now, ffcms 3 follow the most liberal open source license - MIT(also known like X11). This license allow to use, modify or redistribute the source codes of FFCMS in any conditions and terms for free or comercial purposes. There is no any special requirements by license, but we ask you to save our copyrights and warranity notification.

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